Technical characteristics of Osiris

Does the tank keep the temperature?

The tank looses 1° every 30 mins which leaves you enough time to shower the resident or the patient in the best conditions.

What is the capacity of the clean water tank?

The clean water tank has a capacity of 23 liters.

What is the length of the power cable?

The power cable has a length of 4m50. This length allows Osiris to be adapted to every type of room.

What is the length of the drain pipe?

The length of the drain pipe is 6m. Synoxis Medical can also deliver a version with a drain pipe of 10m (upon request).

What are the sizes of the water-proof cover?

The sizes of the covers are of 90cm x 190cm, we also have covers of 120cm x 190cm. We are able to custom the water-proof cover upon demand to fit all beds.

Use of Osiris

Is the bed shower Osiris easy to use?

Osiris is very easy to use. We have created a tutorial to allow you to easily handle the bed shower. If you have any question, we remain at your disposal and will answer them as quickly as possible.  

To make it even easier, the instructions are engraved on the product. 

How long does it take to set up Osiris ?

On Osiris there is no heating time, therefore you can use the bed shower as soon as the tank is filled and the accessories are set up.

How many persons must be available to use Osiris? 

Osiris can be use by a single person. However, using the shower in pairs reduces the operation time and allows you to offer a moment of relaxation to the resident or patient.

What is the distance maximum between the sink and Osiris to evacuate the unclean water?

The length of the drain pipe is 6m. Therefore, the sink can be at a maximum of 6m. In the case of a sink farther from this distance, Synoxis medical, can supply, upon demand, a bed shower with a drain pipe of 10m.

What to do with the accessories provided with the Osiris shower ?

A storage for accessories (bath towels, waterproof protective cover ...) is available on the machine.

Sterilization of the system

How to sterilize the unclean water circuit?

The circuit is quickly and easily sterilized. Simply fill the clean water tank up to the “sterilization” level and fill the white can placed at the back of Osiris with a non-foaming disinfecting detergent. Then, position the drain pipe in a sink or a shower tray and connect the aspiration pipe on the “sterilization” connector. Plug the system and turn on Osiris. The sterilization of the circuit will be done at the same time as the draining of the tank.

Is the shower easily sterilized?

Every material on our system resist to the different disinfecting detergents. 

Osiris was made to meet the different criteria of hospitals and nursing homes. Every element can be sterilized. We have developed a patent system to remove the time spent to empty and sterilized the recovery tank. 

The rounded shape of the system facilitates the maintenance and hygiene.

How to wash water-proof covers ?

Water-proof covers are supplied with the bed shower and are machine washable at 40°. You can also vaporize a detergent and disinfectant solution on it. 

They are to be dry suspended.

How to wash the bath towel ?

The bath towel is machine washable at 40° and can be put in the dryer.

Does the clean water circuit communicate with the unclean water circuit ?

The clean water circuit is totally independent from the unclean water circuit. Therefore, they do NOT communicate together.


Where are made the Osiris bed showers ?

The bed showers Osiris are made in Le Cellier, near Nantes. 

The design and the making are therefore French.