Osiris is an innovative shower system adapted to medicalized bed. This device allows the medical staff to shower a person without moving him or her. 

Our system has already proven its efficacity to numerous medical centers due to its ease of use and its practicality..

Our bed shower is compact and mobile. It is easily movable thanks to its integrated wheels. These characteristics make OSIRIS easy to store..

The extra touch: With our patent system, water is directly evacuated into a sink or a shower tray and the circuit is automatically disinfected. Therefore, the medical staff has more time devoted to personal care.

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Time gain & Easy storage

Specifications :

  • Capacity of the clean water tank: 23 liters
  • Size in meter of land: 0,20 (45cm of diameter)
  • Height: 93cm
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Length of the power cable: 4.5m with automatic winder
  • Length of the suction pipe: 2m with filter
  • Length of the shower hose: 1.75m
  • Mobility: 5 wheels with breaks 
  • Digital display of temperature
  • Storage unit integrated 
  • Storage unit for pipe and power cable: automatic winder 
  • Heating period: 0min (filling directly at temperature from the sink) 
  • Suction Pump flow of unclean water: 14L/min 
  • Disinfection of the uncleaned water circuit: integrated disinfection without having to disassemble of the pipes (Patent)
  • Drainpipe of 6m with automatic winder (patent) 
  • Draining period: 0min (no recovery tank therefore no tank to clean and disinfect) 
  • Temperature maintenance system: isothermal tank, loss of 1° every 30 mins (no breakdown risk)


Three accessories are provided with the purchase of OSIRIS : a towel, a protective cover and a laundry net. You can order more if you wish.

  • Protective liquid-tight cover for standard bed of 90 cm
    Made-to-measure on demand
  • Towel of 150 x 200 cotton 400gr/m2
    Made-to-measure on demand
  • Laundry net for protective liquid-tight cover